I've always had the intention to take an international approach to my study of law, but initially I made the wrong choice, attending an important university in Milan, which proved to be too traditional for me.

Now, after two years of disappointment, I have just transferred to Roma Tre and the existence of "Studying Law at Roma Tre" was instrumental in changing my mind. I was attracted by the
courses with international characteristics, different projects related with other universities throughout the world and greatest professors too.

So now, after three months I can affirm for sure that Roma Tre's methodology is the correct one to guide students who want to open up to viewing the world through a multicultural lens, without barriers...really amazing!

Lucia Tarantino

Dear Professor Benvenuti

May 19, 2009

I hereby wish to express, both personally and on behalf of all the Italian Navy personnel, heartfelt congratulations and appreciation for the excellent results achieved in the course in “International Humanitarian Law” held at the Law Faculty from 4 March to 28 May 2009, by yourself and your masterfully directed collaborators.

The project allowed the University’s classrooms to bring together representatives from the military world - who’ve long been engaged in the application of the principles of humanitarian law - with professors and students who develop this subject through their academic and research activities.  The lessons given by military and foreign instructors provided an international contribution useful for comparing the Italian experience with that of other nations or international organizations with longstanding know-how in the study and implementation of the norms of international humanitarian law.

I believe that all the military and civilian students were enriched and completed their knowledge, having acquired a panoramic vision of the various issues, with the hope that in the near future, they will encounter them in the field and contribute to the fulfilment of the principles inspired by international humanitarian law.

Rear Admiral Leonardo Natale
Head of Judicial and Legal Affair of the Italian Navy

(Italian version)

Dear Professor Zeno-Zencovich,

I was deeply impressed both by the conceptual dimension of your course on Private Comparative Law and of its practical management, with the collaboration of your competent assistant Dr. Noah Vardi.

It is conducted in a firm and consistent manner which provides the students with a stimulating atmosphere, granting them the advantage of being active participants. In the first part of each class, the students are required to address the inferential reasoning of the judgments.  This is done with the remarkable leading of Dr. Vardi, simultaneously encouraging and challenging them with this elaborative task.  Whereas, in the second part of the lesson, led by you, the students are introduced to the wide spectrum of the different legal systems though exposed to a systematic, broad, coherent way of thinking.

 Judge Yael Achiman

Tel Aviv-Jaffa Trial Court

Partaking in the program Studying Law at Roma Tre has enriched me both intellectually and personally thanks to its highly-qualified professors, who I now place in my 'very best' list; it has also proven very useful in successfully applying for postgraduate programs abroad, not to mention that it has provided me with the necessary legal English vocabulary to prepare well for such programs. I think Studying Law at Roma Tre is a tremendous initiative which should –and probably will – be imitated by all non-common law universities!

Marina Lostal-Becerril (Spain)

Marina Lostal-Becerril

The course was really a great experience for me. I was studying during the semester, doing my homework; this is so unusual for an Italian university!  The course was very professional, well organised to arrive at the end of semester ready for the exam. I learned to work in groups, also very uncommon here (I had studied law in English before, in the Ukraine). For work this is very useful; at my job now at Cleary it is all about working in teams and managing to do your part of a job properly.  The IBC course is very well-known in many American LLPs here in Rome.  It counts that you know at least basic things about arbitration.  Besides, for your CV it is a positive thing that you experienced a course and an exam in English. Part of the job interview [in international law firms] is in English and for sure partners are not asking you about the weather!

Nataliya Hinda (Ukraine)

Nataliya Hinda

Studying law at Roma Tre helped change my career plans!!! It had an immense impact on my academic pursuits!

Maura Ada Iliuteanu (Romania)


“During the course I met lots of student from Roma Tre I'd never met before; we created a work group since the first classes in March and also good friendships. We felt - and we still feel- part of a "community" based on common interests.”

Simona Florio


The IHL course has been extremely useful to delve into most specific subjects of the international law, by giving students a wider range of instruments than the base course with which to deal with this field of law. Prof. Benvenuti's expertise and dedication on the matter have also provided us with the possibility to listen to many people from different international organizations who specially intervened to lecture on important topics, bringing us not only their knowledge, but most significantly their first-hand experiences. In addition to this, the climate of serenity by the Professor and of genuine interest on the part of the students with which the course was held has contributed much to transform a mere university course into a truly enriching experience.

Michele Ranaldi

Michele Ranaldi