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  Semester Abroad and Dual Degree Programs Application for Mini-Course 2016
  Mini-Course 2015 Syllabus (with calendar and rooms) Materials for 2016 Mini-Course
  • Business Entities--mini syllabus Italy 2016F
  • Handout for Section A of Syllabus f
  •   NSU-Roma Tre Agreement Application Nova Online Course 2016
      Photo Gallery  
      Video: M. de Lara Muņoz, F. Micocci and G. Marangoni on the Roma Tre/NSU Dual Degree.
      Video: Dual Law Degree, Roma Tre-NSU with Christine Whited
      Video: Avv. Giacomo Bossa, Laureato Roma Tre e Nova Southeastern University
      Video: Dual Law Degree, Roma Tre-NSU illustrated by Valerio Spinaci