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The Roma Tre Law Faculty is considered one of the most dynamic Italian law faculties. In the last five years it has constantly been ranked between the third and the fifth among over 60 Italian law faculties. It offers to its 6000 students over 80 courses taught by 50 tenured professors. The Faculty is also staffed with around 30 research fellows.

Among its courses ten are entirely taught in English and are offered together with four seminars not only to its students but also to students from other universities in Italy and abroad.


My experience at Roma Tre University was profoundly exciting, extremely rewarding and has heavily influenced my life for self development and has opened my mind and eyes in the educational prospect as well as all other aspects of life. I cannot be thankful enough for this experience and hope that other students will also achieve a similar experience of this great university. Kat Farkas (Australia)

I've always had the intention to take an international approach to my study of law, but initially I made the wrong choice, attending an important university in Milan, which proved to be too traditional for me. Lucia Tarantino

I hereby wish to express, both personally and on behalf of all the Italian Navy personnel, heartfelt congratulations and appreciation for the excellent results achieved in the course in International Humanitarian Law held at the Law Faculty from 4 March to 28 May 2009, by yourself and your masterfully directed collaborators. - Rear Admiral Leonardo Natale (Head of Judicial and Legal Affairs of the Italian Navy)

I was deeply impressed both by the conceptual dimension of your course on Private Comparative Law and of its practical management, with the collaboration of your competent assistant Dr. Noah Vardi.
- Judge Yael Achiman (Tel Aviv-Jaffa Trial Court)

Partaking in the program Studying Law at Roma Tre has enriched me both intellectually and personally thanks to its highly-qualified professors, who I now place in my 'very best list - Marina Lostal-Becerril (Spain)

The course was really a great experience for me. I was studying during the semester, doing my homework; this is so unusual for an Italian university!  - Nataliya Hinda (Ukraine)

Studying law at Roma Tre helped change my career plans!!! It had an immense impact on my academic pursuits! - Maura Ada Iliuteanu (Romania)


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New Seminar this spring: "Legal Responses to Global Crime"

Article on the website of the Italian Air Force on activities of "Studying Law at Roma Tre". Additional events of the International Humanitarian Law Course

The website of the Italian Air Force has recently posted an article (http://www.aeronautica.difesa.it/News/Pagine/20141206_studenti-Roma-Tre-visitano-Comando-Squadra-Aerea.aspx) on the activities carried out by students of the Studying Law at Roma Tre Programme (International Humanitarian Law class). In particular our students were involved in a briefing at the Air Force HQ on legal and operative issues raised by contemporary air operations with the participation of Gen. Claudio Gabellini, former Chief Operations Officer during operation Unified Protector in Libya, and Col. Francesco Elia. Students have also had enjoyed a visit of the historic wing of Palazzo Aeronautica thanks to the support of Lt. Col. Paolo Nurcis.
This visit was part of the activities carried out during the IHL course in cooperation with institutional representatives. Students have also taken part in briefings at Italian Naval Fleet Command Headquarters (CINCNAV) on naval warfare and the fight against piracy thanks to the support of Adm. Michele Saponaro and Com. Alessando Tassi (additional pictures refer to this event) and at the Rome Military Tribunal on the prosecution of war crimes related to WWII with a presentation by judge Marco De Paolis. Several other lectures have also been organized with the involvement of academics and legal experts, such as representatives of OCHA (United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), International Committee of the Red Cross, Centre of Excellence on Stability Police Units, Legal Office of the Italian Defence General Staff, International Institute of Humanitarian Law, Italian Red Cross.