About Us
The Purpose of the Programme

Roma TRE

English is, nowadays, the international lingua franca, whatever the domain. People from different cultures and mother-tongue speakers regularly communicate with people in other countries in English. Knowledge of English is essential in all sectors exposed to the winds of globalisation. Among them are lawyers who speak, read, write and communicate with others throughout the world in English, whether in the practice of trans-national business, political affairs, or academic discussions.

The Roma Tre Law Faculty wishes to offer its students, as well as students from other universities in Italy and abroad, the opportunity to acquire legal English skills in classes taught entirely in English. Teaching and learning in English is not only a linguistic issue. There are other substantial implications. The English legal terminology is very different from the terminology used in continental legal systems. Also, the conciseness of the English language and the pragmatic mentality behind it, bring along both a different way of presenting the topics as well as a different teaching method. A practical approach is used throughout the programme to enhance both student knowledge of legal English and legal studies.

The Students

Courses are open to students from the Roma Tre Law Faculty, from other Italian universities, and to students from other countries. Courses may also be taken on a single basis (without being enrolled at Roma Tre University). Students not enrolled at Roma Tre should contact the students' office (Segreteria Studenti) at Via Ostiense n. 139. Based on the subject of study, each course will have a maximum of 30 students. Selection of non-Roma Tre University students will be made on the basis of curricula and knowledge of English. The subjects will be taught at specialisation (graduate) level, therefore, they will be addressed mainly to last-year undergraduate students, or to those students who have already completed the basic study requirements (based on the course selected) in private, company, international and EU law.