About Us

About UsThe Roma Tre Law Faculty was established in 1996. The mission of the Faculty is to offer a greater selection for students interested in obtaining a degree in law. Differently from what is the general tendency in other Italian law faculties admission to Roma Tre has been selective from the start. The selection process is carried out by entry examination (at present the maximum number of students admitted is 1200), from an average of 1800 applicants per year.

Most of the students come from Rome, but around 20% come from other provinces and regions.
The Roma Tre Law Faculty is deeply committed to internationalisation and international relations. Each year, the faculty receives from abroad and sends abroad approximately 90 students through the Erasmus programme. Presently, students from over twenty universities throughout Europe are enrolled in the Faculty. Together with the University of Poitiers, in France, the Roma Tre Law Faculty is offering a bi-national/bi-lingual law degree valid in both France and Italy.

The Faculty also has a dual-degree programme - unique for Italy - with Nova Southeastern University (Florida), which allows students to acquire both a Laurea Magistrale in Giurisprudenza and a US JD degree.  Roma Tre students can also study in US law schools in Semester Abroad exchanges, now in force at Nova Southeastern University, Cardozo Law School and the University of Washington. Annexed to the Faculty are two Ph.D. programmes each of which is strongly connected with other European universities.