Pagina intera: 

Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich is full professor of comparative law in the University of Roma Tre, where he  has held or  holds also courses in ICT Law and EU Transport Law.

From April 2012 to March 2015  he has  also been Rector of the Rome University of International Studies (UNINT).

From June 2013 he is Chairman of the Italian Association of Comparative Law.

He holds degrees in Law and in Political Science from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and has competed his studies in the USA (Harvard) and in England (Cambridge).

He has been visiting professor at Oxford University and at University College London and has held lectures, conferences and lessons in US, French, German, Austrian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek Universities.

Before teaching in Rome he has been a member of the Law Faculty in the Universities of Sassari  and Cagliari. He has been tenured since 1990.

His main areas of comparative research are:

-         Consumer protection

-         Tort law

-         European private law

-         ICT law

-         Press and communications law

-        Data protection and personality rights

-     Transport law

He has written extensively in all these areas and is author, co-author or editor of over two dozen books on these subjects, including several handbooks on Private comparative law, Media and communications law, Data protection and Italian private law. He has written over 150 essays, comments and notes on legal reviews. The full list of publications (and most of them in full text) can be found at the following page

He is editor or on the editorial board of several important Italian law reviews, among which “Il diritto dell’informazione e dell’informatica”, “Nuova Giurisprudenza Civile Commentata”, “Europa e Diritto Privato”, “Diritto del Turismo”.

He has been legal advisor to the Italian Government in the last 13 years in all the telecoms tenders and auctions and has been extensively involved in law reform committees in the fields of data protection, broadcasting and telecommunications.

As a legal practitioner in front of all Italian Courts – from the Constitutional Court, to the Court of Cassation, to Courts of Appeals and of First Instance – and in arbitration tribunals he is extensively involved in litigation concerning all the areas indicated above.

In the field of consumer protection he has successfully conducted the first Italian tobacco litigation case, and is counsel in many product liability and medical malpractice cases. He has been involved in civil rights litigation among which that in favour of same-sex marriage in front of the Italian Constitutional Court.